Top Talk Radio Host Andy Dean

Top Talk Radio Host Andy Dean

The “King of Content” is added to “Top Talk All-Star” list.


One response to “Top Talk Radio Host Andy Dean

  1. I Caught Your Show 10/24/2012-wednesday @1900 hrs.You Chastised A Caller For Using The Word’s Hitler And Stalin When Describing Obama.You Said He Never Killed Anyone Like Those 2 Had.Please Understand And Realize That Obama’s Policies Have Directly Contributed To The Aborting Of 3,700 lives A Day.That Amounts to 1,350,500 souls that are returned to our Maker.Multiply by 4 years And I Think You Will Understand That This Pres.Is More Evil Than Stalin,Hitler,Etc.It’ Is Easier To Wield A “Pen” Than A “Sword”.Remember This ! I Have A Mantra I Ascribe To,”Whatever You Say And Do,And Don’t Do,Will Be Forever Written In ETERNITY.

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